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What I Do

I am the best in the world at what I do.


I am co-founder of EBizConsult Services Pvt. Ltd. We provide all of the legal business solutions. In simple terms, we take care of all the work a CA, CS, Auditor and Lawyer can do.

Govt. Employee

I work as Station Controller/Train Operator at Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Networking Leader & Direct Seller

I run my Direct Selling business too. Here I create and manage a team of Direct Sellers, train them and develop leadership qualities in them. Hence, working as a motivator and a Networking Leader too.


Well, this one is not to earn, this is for the society. I keep exploring scientific aspects of things. I believe in logic, not in magic and I prove my point every single time.

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I am the best in the world at what I do, Believe that!
Redesign... Rebuild... Reclaim...

I am more than a normal human being can be. I work as Station Controller in NMRC, I am a Networker, I am a Businessman, I am a Motivator, I am an Artist, I am a Singer, I am a Sportsperson.

Don't you dare judge me. You can't handle even half of what I've dealt with.

There is a reason I do the things I do...

There is a reason I am who I am.

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